Tax the Rich

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk

This video by Russell Brand is funny about a serious subject. The way he talks about income equality and benefits of corporate welfare subsidies is hilarious.


Covid and the Economy

We're in an economic crisis that, grave as it is, we haven't yet begun to feel. The next big downturn could well be coming. (Some say as soon as July 14).

Unemployment is stubbornly high for a variety of reasons — one of which is a game of low wage-chicken fought between a workforce that's not interested in returning to crappy jobs, and greedy employers not interested in paying more for work they used to get essentially for free. 

In Las Vegas last week. At a resort hotel owned by the MGM Grand corporation, one of the two employment giants on the Strip, wages for their housecleaning people were kept so low that the corporation couldn't hire enough people to guarantee daily room-cleaning service. Many rooms went uncleaned until final checkout.

That was a wage-squeeze choice and simple greed.

There's zero appetite among DC elites for another round of non-corporate economic support. As a result, most of us will be stuck come September, when previous federal support to humans — as opposed to corporate clients of giant lobbying firms — comes to a permanent end. 

What will people do when federal benefits run out? Will they simply submit to the "new normal" and go about their lives? Or will the appetite for rebellion in the country increase again? If it does, Joe Biden's ramped-up national security state has an answer for that, and it's not a pretty one.

None of this — none — would have happened if non-vaccine prevention and treatment options had been pursued and not censored. Yet again, the world's collective leaders chose experimental gene therapy by drug companies (for billions in profits) rather than people’s health.

Instead of listening to doctors and scientists, world leaders listened to Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci and drug companies (who are invested in ‘vaccine’ aka experimental gene therapy shots which are dangerous and having huge numbers of deaths and serious side effects (6,000+ deaths in the USA). Normally, if a medical product has 25-50 deaths, the product is stopped. But nope, full speed Warp Speed Ahead.

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