A New Reality

Of Our Own Creation

What do you want?

It is easy to get caught up in the media and social media Covid Crisis but for me, I’ve been seeking alternative solutions, finding them and acting upon them. Not always perfectly and at times being right and stubborn and being busy trying to convince others. But I’ve been letting all of that go of the drama, fear and crises (not denying reality) and finding new answers that I am sharing below for anyone who may benefit from my discoveries.

A friend of mine recently told me that she does not have time to do all of the research and find resources that I’ve been able to explore so she is appreciative of what I’ve been able to share.

Others have told me that my voice expressing myself is important. In other words, I matter. You matter. We ALL matter and are important. We are connected as individual pieces of the human global puzzle. Our individuality and diversity is good.

Someone even suggested that what if we imagine a virus of love, joy, peace and compassion. How about that traveling the globe from person to person. Respect and value yourself and others and you may even find new friends and answers.

Stop Covid Cold

At this website people can take a very short quiz to assess their risk of covid, please share if you find this valuable.

  • Researchers with the Singapore General Hospital and Duke-NUS Medical School set out to determine if a combination of vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin B12 would improve outcomes among COVID-19 patients aged 50 and older

  • Seventeen of the patients received oral vitamin D3 (1,000 IU), magnesium (150 milligrams (mg)) and vitamin B12 (500 mcg) — together known as DMB — upon admission for a median of five days while 26 patients who did not receive DMB served as the control group

  • Significant benefits were seen among the DMB group, with only 17.6% requiring initiation of oxygen therapy during their hospitalization, compared to 61.5% of those in the control group

  • Vitamin D3, magnesium and vitamin B12 may present a unique three-pronged approach for tackling COVID-19 by modulating the hyper-inflammation often seen in the disease.

Researchers in Indonesia, who looked at data from 780 COVID-19 patients, found those with higher vitamin D levels were at less risk of death than those with a low level. 

French National Academy of Medicine released a press release in May 2020 detailing the importance of vitamin D for COVID-19. For COVID-19 patients over 60, they recommend vitamin D testing and if deficiency is found, a bolus dose of 50,000 to 100,000 IU. For anyone under the age of 60 who receives a positive COVID-19 test, they advise taking 800 IUs to 1,000 IUs of vitamin D per day.

A vitamin D review paper published in the journal Nutrients in April 2020 recommends higher amounts, stating:

"To reduce the risk of infection, it is recommended that people at risk of influenza and/or COVID-19 consider taking 10,000 IU/d of vitamin D3 for a few weeks to rapidly raise 25(OH)D concentrations, followed by 5000 IU/d.

COVID-19 appears to have a nutritional component, by which you may lower your risk of severe outcomes by using vitamins and minerals therapeutically. Considering that current COVID-19 treatments are few and far between, and even “standard” therapies like mechanical ventilation appear to be backfiring, the use of natural solutions has caught the eye of numerous researchers.

COVID-19 is a multi-organ phenomenon and it is becoming evident that appropriate systemic inflammatory control is necessary for overall survival benefit,” researchers explain, writing how vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin B12 present a unique three-pronged approach for tackling COVID-19:14  

“Vitamin D, through its effect on various pathways, can attenuate various proinflammatory cytokine mediating the uncontrolled cytokine storm seen in severe COVID-19 with deficiency associated with severe COVID-19. 

Magnesium is critical in the synthesis and activation of vitamin D, acting as a cofactor in many of the enzymes involved in vitamin D metabolism. Vitamin B12 is essential in supporting a healthy gut microbiome which has an important role in the development and function of both innate and adaptive immune systems.

No side effects or adverse events occurred after DMB administration, which also provides an inexpensive, readily available solution that could be easily administered in doctor’s offices at the first onset of symptoms or even taken prophylactically among high-risk populations during outbreaks. There may even be benefit against other viral infections.

DMB can benefit a large swath of the world population especially in economically-challenged countries with limited or late access to vaccines and other therapies.

Dark green leafy vegetables are a good source of magnesium, and juicing your greens is an excellent way to boost your intake, although supplementation may also be necessary for some people.


I have been taking Vitamin D3 (10,000), magnesium and B complex, have been known to have a B12 deficiency (plus zinc, ubiquinol-form of CoQ10, Nattokinase-Lumbrokinase Enzymes, was taking Quercitin but ran out and Bio Superfood Formula F3) and am going to start grounding/earthing by going to the beach (there is not a lot of sunshine here where I live during the summer) but I hope to be able to put my feet in the sand for 30 minutes a day a few times a week and/or get an Earthing mat in September.

A few other interesting resources include Zum goat milk soap and essential oil mist sprays plus some excellent CBD muscle roll-ons and creams for pain relief (on my knees from osteoarthritis).

The Frankincense and Myrrh Zum Bar Goat’s Milk Soap from Indigo Wild is just plain yummy delicious. Makes me want to sing Parsley, Sage Rosemary and Thyme. All natural ingredients including coconut oil makes it smell divine. I am pretty allergic and have to be careful with soaps. But I Love Aromatherapy essential oils and castor oil does wonders for the skin.

Speaking of essential oils, the Zum Mist Aromatherapy Room and Body Sprays make your home smell like a garden. Zum Mist contains no chemical emulsifiers, are made from plant-based ingredients and they offer a wide variety of nose pleasing goodness from the relaxing sounds of Patchouli, Frankincense & Myrrh, and Lavender to the bright beats of Lemongrass and Tea Tree-Citrus. Make great housewarming and sniffing gifts, too. There is even a doggie mist spray for your pooch. Woof away the stinky wet doggie odors.

Pachamama’s roll-ons and pain relief cream really get the job done. The roll-on gel has 500mg of THC-free, broad spectrum CBD extract and a plethora of healing Chinese herbs, offering quick relief for aches and pains. Backed by modern medicine, the therapeutic properties of peony root extract and licorice root extract work in synergy with menthol and camphor to fight inflammation. I have tried a few other CBD products and this one works the best for me !

Plus I listen to numerous healing music meditations at night that help me sleep. You can find them on Youtube.

Food for me is still a challenge, although I do not eat fast food, limit sugar and pasta and rarely eat bread. Not big on salads or green leafy veggies. I prefer zucchini sticks (dipped in egg and flax seed meal), artichokes, asparagus, spinach occasionally and am getting four kinds of Spirulina with the Bio-Superfood formula (plus all the Vitamins and Minerals), lots of chlorophyll too.

All weekend I listened to various positive messages mostly on Youtube from John Edward, James Van Praagh, Abraham-Hicks, and Darryl Anka-Bashar. Also, I’ve connected with Friends of Lazaris and other groups. All nourished me spiritually and helped me to realize that I can focus on the benefits of this Covid crisis challenge (what can I learn from this) rather than the fear that we are being bombarded with and the divisions of opinions about masks and lockdowns.

From the American Medical Assn: “Face masks should be used only by individuals who have symptoms of respiratory infection such as coughing, sneezing, or fever. Face masks should also be worn by healthcare workers, by people who are taking care of folks who have respiratory infections.

N95 respirators require special fit testing, they are not recommended for use by the general public.” (Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA); April 21, 2020 Volume 323, Number 15.

I can agree to disagree with others, own my opinions and beliefs, do what is right for me, dare to dream about a New Future and shift into a New Reality of my OWN creation.

Rather than reacting to life, we can Plan ahead of time what we want. We may not always receive our preferences but we can Direct our Intentions and let go and let Divine Inspiration take us to a Better Place through prayer, meditation, communing with nature and/or furry friends.