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Earth, Sun, Rain and Air

What if masks are not effective in protecting us against this Covid virus and just give people a false sense of security?

Super Masks to the Rescue?

Benefits of Mask Wearing Does Not Include Infection Control

If corona virus does not spread through the air or through physical contact; it spreads through TV and other media and does not affect the lungs, but the brain! The science is contrary to the platitudes we are bombarded with.

I understand the health risks of prolonged mask wearing,but if you choose to wear one and respect others being mask exempt and/or freedom of choice not to wear one, cool.

Monster masks

Obesity a big factor

Processed foods, junk foods and soft drinks are key culprits in the rise of obesity and chronic diseases that have a key role to play in COVID-19 and other deaths.

Inflammation triggered by obesity may be responsible for a threefold greater risk of pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs) in COVID-19 patients who are obese.

Researchers from Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna in Italy, analyzed 482 COVID-19 patients hospitalized between March 1 and April 20, 2020. "Obesity is a strong, independent risk factor for respiratory failure, admission to the ICU and death among COVID-19 patients."

Current UK guidelines classify severe obesity as a risk factor. but patients with mild obesity had a 2.5 times greater risk of respiratory failure & 5 X greater risk of being admitted to an ICU compared to non-obese. Those with a BMI of 35 + are 12 X more likely to die from COVID.

T cells but not antibodies

German researchers have found that sound sleep improves immune cells known as T cells. “T cells fight against intracellular pathogens, virus-infected cells such as flu, HIV, herpes, & cancer cells,” Stoyan Dimitrov, PhD, a researcher at Univ Tübingen and an author of the study.

Current Tests according to Harvard

Harvard encourages inexpensive Covid 15 minute test. Current tests for active infection are mostly given to suspected COVID-19 patients long after the infected person has stopped transmitting the virus to others. results are virtually useless.

What if our immune systems/bodies are inherently able to heal?

You could take: zinc, quercetin and even hydrogen peroxide.

'The importance of zinc supplements and the role of zinc transporters like HCQ [or Quercetin - QCT or other chelating agents] in fending off respiratory viruses was described already in 1974.'

Low zinc levels are linked to all these chronic conditions that account for over 99% of deaths from SARS-CoV-2 (CoVID-19): — old age, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, male gender, cancer, obesity, and chronic respiratory disease.

Zinc blocks the virus replication cycle at four different points, and to specifically blocks coronaviruses. Hydroxychloroquine or Quercetin (natural) multiplies the effect of zinc by bringing it into cells where it’s needed.

Dr Paul Kasenene


Add garlic to your diet as often as you can. It has a compound called allicin that reduces inflammation in the body and can help with liver problems, flushing out toxins and can also help with your heart health. It is particularly good for controlling blood pressure.

A Swedish Doctor’s Perspective

Chris Wick

Why do you think a 67 year old drug used by millions is dangerous but a vaccine rushed though in a year is safe?

Censoring doctors and scientists on social media for sharing their medical opinions is not democratic nor scientific. What does Big Tech know about health care?

Do you trust Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, billionaires, the media and politicians with your medical care?

Want to be forced to get rushed unproven vaccines via Bill Gates. Alan Dershowitz thinks mandatory vaccination is just fine and dandy no matter the health consequences. Operation Warp Speed is speeding along.

Bill Gates & Dershowitz support tyranny, forcing people against their will to submit to unsafe unproven rushed vaccines so billionaires can make more money.

Beware HR 6666, tell your reps including @RepAdamSchiff NO egregious laws against numerous constitutional amendments.

Co-sponsors of HR 6666

Doctors Around the World

6,227 doctors in 30 countries, 37% rated anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as “the most effective therapy” for COVID-19. In Spain, where the drug was used by 72% of doctors, it was rated “the most effective therapy” by 75% 400 mg per day.

(several reasons for why certain individuals and companies might want to discourage the use of an inexpensive generic drug to work against this pandemic illness. One of the most obvious reasons is because it might eliminate the need for a vaccine or other antiviral medications).

Hundreds of millions of dollars have already been invested & vaccine makers are hoping for a payday in the billions if not trillions of dollars. medicine must not become politicized, esp not during a pandemic.

if what Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and even Bill Gates say is true about the vaccines

According to Bill Gates, side effects are largely due to high dosages Moderna had to use to achieve the desired antibody levels. But higher dosages also cause systemic side effects in most or all people, the safety of their global vaccination campaign seems questionable.

WHO and British Medical Services are now saying there is no evidence that even getting an infection from the coronavirus equips you with antibodies that will protect you in the future. They're seeing a lot of reinfection of people who got COVID-19, got better, then got [sick from] coronavirus again.

Reuters, March 11, 2020: Studies have suggested that coronavirus vaccines carry the risk of what is known as vaccine enhancement, where instead of protecting against infection, the vaccine can actually make the disease worse when a vaccinated person is infected with the virus.

What about Earthing/Grounding?

Watch the movie

Earthing/ grounding

Sing in the sunshine, breathe in fresh air, dare to bare your feet in the earth and drink lots of water!!!