Freedom of Speech is Non Negotiable


Senator Warren Attacks OCA Truth-Telling

In an outrageous, slanderous, and basically unconstitutional attempt to suppress free speech, so-called “progressive” Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts has threatened Amazon for allowing The Truth About COVID-19, my new book, co-authored with Dr. Joseph Mercola, with a Foreword by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., to become a best-seller.

According to Warren:

“Conspiracy theories about COVID-19 abound; some insist that the virus is a hoax, others promote false cures to COVID-19, and many have led to untold illnesses and deaths. Despite the fact that vaccination remains our greatest tool to protect Americans from the virus, myths about COVID-19 vaccines continue to spread, often facilitated by technology companies that refuse to curb misinformation.”

Obviously the OCA and our allies are no friends of Big Tech and monopoly enterprises and surveillance platforms such as Amazon. In fact, Amazon, Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, along with bookstore chains and the mass media, have (unsuccessfully) done everything they can to suppress publicity and sales of The Truth About COVID-19, which now has indeed become a best-seller, with over 250,000 copies sold.

Please listen closely, Senator Warren: Freedom of Speech is non-negotiable. Neither Democrats nor Republicans have the moral or political authority to suppress Freedom of Speech as outlined in the U.S. Bill of Rights.

Read Ronnie's Direct Response: Senator Warren Attacks OCA Truth-Telling

If you want to judge for yourself whether the new book, co-authored with Dr. Mercola, The Truth About COVID-19, should be censored, here’s how you can learn more and order a copy:

Learn more about the book and order your copy

Read the Foreword, “Wake Up America” by Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Elisabeth Warren also tried to censor Alex Berenson’s booklet on Amazon but failed to do so. In fact, his booklet went to #2 on the Amazon Best Sellers list.

What is her problem? I applied for a job to work with her last year. Never got a response until someone told me to apply for a job. At that, my respect for EW went bye bye bye.

Considering I voted for these despicable Democrats, I am so appalled at their lies, hypocrisy and censorship not to mention their medical tyranny with mandates for EXPERIMENTAL MEDICAL TREATMENTS.

Ingredients: no comprehensive listing of all ingredients.

Messenger RNA for a portion of the spike protein. Creating spike protein factory. Adenovirus is used. Designed within the mRNA thing synthetic peptide Uridil which increases the half life of the messenger RNA, it makes it way into organs in particular the ovaries. The spike protein is the pathogenic portion, known to ACE2 receptor interactin, causes clotting.... Aluminum which is a neurotoxin used as an antigen, polysorbate 80 (delivers aluminum to the brain, Polyethelyne Glycol...

Censoring and suppressing SAFE, PROVEN, EFFECTIVE TREATMENTS that are saving people’s lives around the world has led to 15-45,000 American deaths and one million serious side effects. People are suffering unnecessarily. Simply unconscionable, immoral and crimes against America and people’s lives.


The Testimonies Project

The Testimonies Project was created to provide a platform for all those who were affected after getting the covid-19 vaccines, and to make sure their voices are heard, since they are not heard in the Israeli media. (not in the US media either).

You Don’t Want to Know what Is Coming, Dr. Sircus

There are no words to describe an abomination in progress, an attack against billions. If it were up to those responsible, every human on the planet would be injected with the most dangerous vaccine in history. A medical nightmare is in progress as the newly vaccinated flood the hospitals and morgues. A case is quickly being built that the number of recent and current Covid-19 “cases” is actually turning out to be adverse reactions to the mRNA experiment, not the disease itself. Meaning we have a global disaster unparalled in human history.

Singapore seeing chronic illness explosion
after reaching 81 percent vaccination rate

Dr. Ryan Cole, a board-certified pathologist, and owner/operator of a diagnostics lab,  and the newest member of Idaho’s largest public health board, reported that he is seeing a massive ‘uptick’ in various autoimmune diseases and cancers in patients who have been vaccinated.

From Dr. Paul Saladino who said: Dangerous Misinformation

Benjamin Franklin said:
"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

But regarding the Covid vaccine, Joe Biden says: 
“It’s not about your personal freedom it’s about protecting others”...

Well excuse me Mr. President, but that’s a bullshit statement when you can’t prove this vaccine is decreasing cases at all…

And don’t even get me started on the invasion of personal freedoms by trying to mandate what Americans put in their bodies.

If people choose to get vaccinated, that will decrease their chances of being hospitalized and dying…

But it won’t stop the spread and it won’t reduce cases.

So how does it protect anybody besides the person who got vaccinated? 

And they are basing mandates on this and forcing people out of jobs?

Biden’s statement is ludicrous, undemocratic and unscientific.

f the only reason you would mandate a vaccine is to prevent transmission...

But the vaccines do NOT reduce transmission...

Then why proceed with the mandates?

We now have data to show they don't reduce transmission of the Delta variant (93% of Covid cases are now the Delta variant)...

Including this CDC study published August 6th 2021...

This study published August 10th 2021 in The Lancet...

And this study published August 24th 2021 by Oxford University researchers.

Three different studies in three different countries with three different population sampling methods showing the same result:

Vaccinated people become infected and carry just as much infectious virus as the unvaccinated.

So the rationale for the mandates - that each individual should be vaccinated to protect other people is completely undermined in these studies.

For a thorough analysis of the three studies I refer to above, go here.

But mandating it is bologna!

And now for the anecdotal stuff…

Are these vaccines more dangerous than the mainstream media is telling us?

Are there side effects that are being ignored, or worse, censored?

Check out this Facebook post before it’s deleted…

The WXYZ-TV Channel asked people to share their stories of unvaccinated people dying from Covid…

But it didn’t turn out as planned…

There are over 200,000 comments, but not about unvaccinated people…

The comments are full of stories of vaccinated people suffering from side-effects and even death.

Now I KNOW this is all anecdotal, and maybe it’s Russian/Chinese/American bots…

But maybe not?

I’m putting some of the comments from the Facebook post at the end of this email…

But I encourage you to go to the link and read for yourself before it’s deleted by Facebook.

Facebook have proudly said they’ve removed over 20 million pieces of ‘anti-vaxxer misinformation”...

So the question is how many more stories like these would we hear if they hadn’t done that?

And a more important question is how safe is this vaccine?

(How about sending these comments to Biden, Gov. Newsom and the rest of the Democrat pro-vaxxxers).

We just lost a fully vaccinated family member actually. So I suspect this may be inaccurate

Ryan B. Okerström

No but I lost a vaccinated one.

Alicia Cerda

My dad passed away 3 months after his 2nd shot

Lindsey Partridge

It's about 4 weeks after the 2nd shot for me.... I have chest pain all the time.... im terrified I'm going to drop dead of a heart attack (especially after reading the comments).

I've gone for an echocardiogram and have bloodwork later today to try and figure out my heart. I'm a very healthy professional athlete and registered nurse, 35 yr old.

I had Moderna x2.

Mattelyn Cassels Chatham

I am a Physical Therapist with almost 30 years’ experience. In the nursing home /rehab where I work, we have had a higher number of residents with the shot than without the shot to contract the delta variant. 100% of those cov-positive residents without the shot have experienced anywhere from light cold-like symptoms to pneumonia requiring either no hospitalization to 3 days, none requiring ICU, and are all now asymptotic. 100% of those cov-positive residents who took the shots have died in a manner similar to that which we saw during the original onset last year. We had no known delta variant in our building until the shots started. The residents had it first and have spread to a handful of employees who provide hands-on care. Our latest cov-positive is 57 years old who took the second shot, immediately had falls, fractures, surgeries, and strokes. Previously, patient lived at home alone and was totally independent.

Michelle McManus Perrine

No, but vaccinated friends lost their pregnancies as a result of their covid shots.

Julie-Wilson Fogle

Lost my Mom 10 days after she got her 2nd Pfizer jab. She couldn't swallow or talk correctly the very next day...was hospitalized and basically never "woke up" again. Was sent home on hospice after 5 days in the hospital and died at home 2 days later. Went from healthy and fine to gone, in 10 days.

Riette Sinclair

My parent's neighbor woke up the next morning after the shot suddenly completely deaf. His doctor told him it's from the vaccine and if his hearing didn't return within a few weeks he will be permanently deaf. He is now permanently deaf.

Our rabbi's mentor (a very prestigious rabbi) was recovering from covid in a rehab facility. He was doing well, walking and about to be discharged home. The facility forced him to take the vaccine because it became their policy, even though he refused. He immediately developed paralysis in one arm. They then forced the second shot on him, he refused again, but the facility insisted. After the 2nd shot he developed complete, progressive paralysis and died.

Why do we not see these stories in the news? Why are journalists silent on the thousands of vaccine injuries leading to permanent disability and death? What happened to honest journalism? Please report these stories in the news!

Julie Carben

My aunts mom got the vaccine and within 3 weeks she was dead. How about we share the truth.

Kari Angel

My father in law is in the hospital after being double vaxxed, got diagnosed with COVID and has blood clots in his lungs so no all I see is vaccinated people dying in my community.

Teresa Havelka

My dad got Covid from a visiting pastor. He gave it to me, and my brother. I gave it to my husband. My dad’s PCP convinced him to go take the antibody infusion to help ease his symptoms. Just 3 hours later he was having seizures and was hospitalized. The doctor released him on Mother’s Day. He was taken by ambulance back to the hospital Tuesday morning and he died Thursday evening…May 13th. Covid did not kill my dad. The treatment did.

WarrenandSue Jantz

People I know or friends or friends- strokes, Guillian - Barre Syndrome, one death that I know of, myocarditis, neurological problems,severe liver problems. I heard one nurse testify with her voice changed for fear of reprisal there were more people in her unit with vaccine injuries than Covid cases.

Katie Loeffler

I know so many people who have had covid, including my household. I only know 1 person who needed to go to the hospital. I do not know of anyone who has passed (I know people have, I just don’t know anyone personally).

I however DO know 8 people at this point who have been injured by the vaccines… including my father-in-law who ended up having a mysterious brain bleed!!

Noel E Chaney

I just lost a dear friend yesterday who was really my “other mom” to Covid. She was fully vaxxed. I also know personally a few others who were vaxxed and later hospitalized with covid.

De Ann Burk

I am so sorry for all of us. My husband has been in a terrible health situation after his second Pfizer vaccination. He passed away for a brief time then brought back to life. Along w multiple trips to the Er with mini stroke and the latest ct scan showed a legion growing in his brain and he was told not to drive. Literally it’s like new symptoms keep happening and we are spending all our money on office visits, specialists and tests. No one and I mean NO ONE DARES to record the data as a vaccine reaction.

Dara Weaver

Or how about the story of the 18 year old boy down the road who had a heart attack within 24 hours of his first sh0t?

Fauci should have been fired by now says Sky News Australia