Freedom Pass

Slavery is Freedom

Australia’s “Freedom” Pass

America just entered an agreement with Australia (and the U.K.) to share "advanced defense tech."

The government took away Aussie freedom. They will only give citizens back their freedom via this "freedom" pass. But only providing citizens make the personal medical decision the government is demanding you make.

The more concerning thing is the sentence "we're working with other governments now to get this technology ready." This was said the day before it was announced Joe Biden is working with Australia on ... other technology. Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, and all the other people who run Joe Biden have made it clear what their goal is. They want to control you. Australia isn't a warning for them. It's what they strive for.

Do we have you attention now?

America, here's where we need to pay attention. Australia didn't go straight from asking people to wear a mask to all-out chaos in the streets. This was after months of repressive lockdowns. Where people's movements were restricted and police went door to door WITH THE FREAKING ARMY to make sure they were home. The Australian government ordered people not to talk to their neighbors during the few times when they left their house. All over a virus and a healthy dose of panic porn.

You would like to think none of that can happen in America.  Being discriminated against depending on a personal medical decision. Don't believe for one second what the Australian government is doing can't be done here by our government. Wake up.

News from CJ Hopkins:

Summer is over in Berlin. The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and the pseudo-medical social-segregation system is ramping back up. Yes, while it was warm out, we, “the Unvaccinated” (i.e., the new official Untermenschen) were allowed to sit at outdoor tables at restaurants and cafés alongside “Good Germans,” so it was almost like we were actual people, rather than diseased, subhuman scum. But the holiday is over.

According to the Infektionsschutzmaßnahmenverordnungen (i.e., “Infection Protection Measures Ordinances”) and Abstand- und Hygieneregeln, and so on, anyone who refuses to confrom to the new official ideology will be more or less banned from society from now on.

Things could be worse, I guess. I could be living in Australia, which appears to be taking the lead as far as New Normal totalitarianism goes. Apparently, there was a big protest against the New Normal (in Melbourne, I think), and a 70-year-old woman was part of it, so the New Normal goon squads threw her to the ground and chemical-sprayed her in the face for a while, two of them did, because of, you know … a virus.

Not that the Germans are any slouches when it comes to vicious totalitarianism or anything. Just a few weeks ago, they banned another big anti-New Normal protest (other protests are allowed), fenced off the government district and the Tiergarten (Berlin’s central park), and unleashed 5,000 police goons to beat the snot out of the protesters, i.e., overwhelmingly regular working- and middle-class people, who the media and government officials demonized as “far-right extremists.”

Max Blumenthal & CJ Hopkins on the Cult of the New Normal and GloboCap (global capitalist) ideology

Arbeit Mach Frei … Now Being Jabbed Is Supposed to Lead to Freedom

(Work sets you free slogan… The slogan is known for appearing on the entrance of Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps.

Australian doctors banned from prescribing ivermectin for COVID

The battle for choice in healthcare continues in Australia, where last week, the government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) banned doctors from prescribing ivermectin for “off-label” uses – such as treating COVID.

The Guardian reports that the decision was made after prescriptions for the drug (officially an anti-parasite medication) increased “between three and four times in Australia in recent months.” The TGA also noted that attempts to import ivermectin from abroad went up tenfold in August.

Doctors will now only be able to prescribe ivermectin for scabies and certain other parasitic infestations.

Israel Health Minister caught on live mic admitting Green Passport has no medical justification

Israel’s Channel 12 News today released a recording of Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz caught in private conversation with Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked discussing Green Passport restrictions, “without knowing that the microphones picked up everything they said in their open-hearted chat.”

The recording begins with Interior minister Shaked saying “I think that you can cancel the Green Pass for outdoor dining.”

Health Minister Horowitz responds: “Swimming pools too, not just restaurants. Epidemiologically, that’s correct.”

Shaked: “Right.”

Horowitz: “The thing is – and I’m telling you this – our problem is the people who don’t get vaccinated. We need a bit for them to…”

Shaked: “…Right…”

Horowitz: “…Otherwise… we’ll never get out of this.”

Channel 12: “The Health Minister explained to the Interior Minister that the Green Pass is needed in some places only to pressure the unvaccinated to vaccinate, and not because of medical reasons.”

The Health Minister continued in the recording: “Now, there’s a certain universality to the Green Pass except in shopping malls where it’s not, and in my opinion it should have been. Now it’s clearly not everyplace, and people start to challenge: ‘If you need it in pools, why not at entertainment venues and water parks, and outdoor exercise and sport areas?’ But, you know, then we need to… it looks like pools and outdoor restaurants … because even so, we don’t want to do things that appear not to have, like, medical justification… But to you, I’m saying we’ve got a problem.”

The Interior and Health Ministers represent the most diametrically opposed political constituencies in Israel, with Shaked sitting as one of the heads of the nationalist New Right Party and Horowitz chairing the far-Left Peace Now “Meretz” faction.

The Israeli Public Emergency Council for the Coronavirus Crisis, an independent, apolitical, and voluntary body composed of senior doctors and researchers, responded to the video, saying: “They’ve crossed every red line – it’s not a Green Pass – it’s a Red Lie.”

The Council went on to say: “The Health Minister himself admits in the recording revealed tonight that the Green Passport has no epidemiological effect at all. It is designed to inflict psychological pressure on you to make your life difficult until you get vaccinated.

“They are restricting citizen’s freedom, harming small businesses, making the children mentally ill, and all with no medical justification. That is exactly why we petitioned the Supreme Court. These recordings cannot pass in silence.”

The Israeli Public Emergency Council for the Coronavirus Crisis concluded: “We intend to approach the Court and ask it to comment in its decision on the recordings that were revealed tonight on Channel 12 News.

“Stop abusing civilians. Stop destroying the economy. Immediately abolish the Green Pass restrictions.”

CDC Says Fat is Black

CDC reports the number of states with lots of fat people has nearly doubled since 2018. Four more states have been added to CDC's obesity list since the Covid shutdowns. Scientists say extreme obesity is a major risk factor for Covid-19. According to CDC's stats, Asian-Americans are generally not fat.

The fattest, measured by race, which is how CDC categorizes the statistics, are Blacks. CDC says that 35 states and the District of Columbia have an obesity prevalence at or above 35% among Blacks.

Next in line on the fat train are Hispanic residents. CDC says 22 states have an obesity prevalence at or above 35% among Hispanics.

And 7 states had an obesity prevalence at or above 35% among White residents. 

The sixteen states that have the highest adult obesity prevalence are:

  • Alabama

  • Arkansas

  • Delaware (new this year)

  • Indiana

  • Iowa (new this year)

  • Kansas

  • Kentucky

  • Louisiana

  • Michigan

  • Mississippi

  • Ohio (new this year)

  • Oklahoma

  • South Carolina

  • Tennessee

  • Texas (new this year)

  • West Virginia

And the CDC keeps changing the definition of who is jabbed and who is unjabbed (so the list keeps getting bigger and larger)…

First they came for the unjabbed… and by the way, this ICU nurse says that we are being lied to. No, really. Citizens in El Salvador receive a package that consists of Vitamin C, D3, aspirin, acetaminophen, and Ivermectin for COVID, FREE OF CHARGE. And 20 other countries including Japan are also using these treatments AND SAVING PEOPLE’S LIVES (85% effective). But here in the USA, we MUST GET JABBED VIA THE PHARMAEVANGELICALS with one dose, two dose, three dose, more boosters, ad infinitum, so Pfizer and Moderna and their investors (Google, Fauci, and our bought and paid for politicians CAN MAKE MONEY).

The Totalitarian Roots of Vaccine Mandates

Over the course of the pandemic, principles of what a free society means are being redefined by collectivists.  

Consider this essay, Don’t COVID Vaccine Mandates Actually Promote Freedom? Medical ethicists Kyle Ferguson and Arthur Caplan argue, “Those who oppose cracking down on the unvaccinated are getting it all wrong.” Ferguson and Caplan are sure their opponents have a “flawed view of freedom.” They argue “Passports and mandates are hardly ‘strong-arm tactics.’ These strategies are better seen as liberty inducers. They bring about freedom rather than deplete it.”

They add, “a successful COVID-19 vaccination campaign will liberate us — as individuals and as a collective — from the callous grip of a pandemic that just won’t seem to end.” Orwell’s “Party” proclaimed in 1984 that “Freedom is slavery.” Ferguson and Caplan come close to arguing “Slavery is freedom.”

Ferguson and Caplan assure us that the enlightenment view of “the unbound individual” is outdated. They want to reimagine freedom as communal, starting with “the individual’s participation in a community and the kind of community in which the individual lives.” They develop their argument:

Here, freedom is communal rather than individualistic. And rather than being unbound, individuals in the free community are bound by and to each other. Communal freedom achieves much more than the unbound individual ever could. It creates new possibilities and expands our horizons. Life is enhanced when our community is free because we can participate in communal freedom and the goods it creates.”

They want to take us back to the future with Rousseau as their guide:

“This view of freedom is like that of Rousseau’s: A society is made free by individuals cooperating, by binding themselves to each other and to the rational pursuit of common goals. From this perspective, vaccine mandates and other “strong-arm tactics” induce liberty rather than restrict it.”

Seduced by the Common Good

For some, flowery visions of the common good have always been seductive. InThe Road to Serfdom, Friedrich Hayek observes that even well-meaning people will ask, “If it be necessary to achieve important ends,” why shouldn’t the system “be run by decent people for the good of the community as a whole?”

Hayek challenges the axiomatic belief that wise people can tell others what the common good is. He explains why there is no such thing as the common good: “The welfare and happiness of millions cannot be measured on a single scale of less or more. The welfare of the people, like the happiness of a man, depends upon a great many things that can be provided in an infinite variety of combinations.”

Pulitzer Prize-winning historian James Macgregor Burns recounts in his bookFire and Lighthow Rousseau’s ideas of the general will led to the brutality of his disciple Robespierre. Like Hayek, Burns explains that there can be no agreement about what the common good is. Claiming to rule by the common good inevitably leads to excesses. Robespierre and the other eleven men who made up the Committee of Public Safety ruled France with “unlimited power” and “terror.”

Burns explains what Rousseau did not understand: “Peaceful and democratic conflict [is] crucial to the achievement of freedom.” Instead, Rousseau imagined, like Ferguson and Caplan “a new society filled with good citizens… working selflessly and with identical minds for the common good.”

Rousseau’s ideas are mantras for censors. In Rousseau’s world, there would be no pesky “long debates, dissensions and tumult” impeding implementation of the common good.

Dr. Fauci is sure he is right, and he has had enough of those making different choices than his guidance: “I respect people’s freedom, but when you’re talking about a public health crisis, that we’ve been going through now for well over a year and a half, the time is come, enough is enough.” Let’s not hide Fauci’s plain meaning, I respect people’s freedom to do what I tell them.

The basic human right to decide what goes into your body is now being reversed.

You are to take all the vaccines Dr. Fauci and Pfizer deem necessary. They—not you—will decide the parameters of your freedom, with Ferguson and Caplan cheering them on. Rest easy, like Robespierre, the fallible decisions of Dr. Fauci, politicians, bureaucrats and cronies are for “the common good.”

With freedom redefined, there will be no need to take personal responsibility for your health decisions. Those who don’t go along with official guidance must be dealt with. Ban them from travel, from schools, and from employment. In Ferguson and Caplan’s Rousseauian view, society is merely expunging those that won’t take a knee to whatever is proclaimed the common good.

The Arrogant Jacobin Mindset

Burns explains that leaders operating from the common good mindset have the “absolute conviction” that they are right. Burns explores the French Revolution as he recounts the totalitarian tyranny of the Jacobins: “The Jacobins believed only they understood the general will of the French people, hence they were morally right.”

Burns continues, “Opposition was considered not merely mistaken but evil and traitorous and hence punishable, even lethally. The Jacobins asserted a monopoly on virtue which meant to them a license to kill those who held up other values.”

Today, health Jacobins don’t argue that they should kill the unvaccinated, but some argue that the unvaccinated should be deprived of healthcare.

In his seminal essay, “Individualism: True and False,” Hayek contrasts true individualism and the false individualism of philosophers such as Rousseau.

True individualism “is a product of an acute consciousness of the limitations of the individual mind which induces an attitude of humility toward the impersonal and anonymous social processes by which individuals help to create things greater than they know.” In contrast, false individualism “is the product of an exaggerated belief in the powers of individual reason and of a consequent contempt for anything which has not been consciously designed by it or is not fully intelligible to it.”

When Ferguson and Caplan write, “Freedom is communal rather than individualistic,” they in Hayek’s words express “the silliest of the common misunderstandings.” The adoption of such ideas, Hayek explains, has been “a source of modern socialism.”

The error made by collectivist apologists is “the belief that individualism postulates (or bases its arguments on the assumption of) the existence of isolated or self-contained individuals, instead of starting from men whose whole nature and character is determined by their existence in society.”

This false individualism of Rousseau and others assumes that “everything which man achieves is the direct result of, and therefore subject to, the control of individual reason.”

Masquerading as people who reason the best, Ferguson and Caplan in Hayek’s words “pretend to be able directly to comprehend social wholes like society.”

Hayek’s explanation of “true individualism” is the antidote for such hubris. Hayek’s approach is “antirationalistic” and “regards man not as a highly rational and intelligent but as a very irrational and fallible being, whose individual errors are corrected only in the course of a social process, and which aims at making the best of a very imperfect material.”

We can never make the best of “imperfect material” when those posing as having superior knowledge are allowed to coerce others. Hayek writes, “What individualism teaches us is that society is greater than the individual only in so far as it is free. In so far as it is controlled or directed, it is limited to the powers of the individual minds which control or direct it.” In other words, choose to be directed by the limited power of Dr. Fauci’s mind or choose the virtually unlimited and unpredictable power of a free society.

Let’s put this together. Health collectivists, behaving like Jacobins, are sure there is one best way; they believe they are the arbiter of truth. Cloaking themselves in the holy robes of the augur of the common good, dissent is not to be tolerated. The end to the pandemic requires not that we follow the collectivists but that we are free to consider different perspectives and discover in the course of an uncoerced social process what really works.