Good, Bad, and Ugly Americans

On Display For the World to See

There was plenty of ugliness on display Saturday night with police shooting at and arresting journalists, and attacking an old man with a cane, maced a child, a young girl, and assaulted innocent bystanders for seemingly no reason other than asserting their right to be violent against Americans protesting the brutal murder of George Floyd. Also,  white supremacists from out of town/state were instigating and agitating in order to blame the peaceful protestors. Minnesota Governor said 80% of those arrested were from out of state including Florida.  

About George Floyd

George Floyd's brother says Trump 'didn't give me an opportunity to even speak' during phone call. "It was hard. I was trying to talk to him, but he just kept pushing me off, like 'I don't want to hear what you're talking about.'"

Journalists covering protests across the country are facing assault and arrest while doing their jobs @CNN

#NYC cop filmed pulling down Black protester’s mask so he could pepper spray him

Ali Velshi in Minneapolis: "This was a 100% peaceful march and the police opened fire into it. There was no reason to do so, there was zero provocation."

black men were pepper sprayed for daring to protest police brutality and murders of black people


Atlanta Mayor speaks out


Some protestors in Brooklyn called to loot the Target, but organizers rushed in front of the store to stop them and keep things non-violent #nycprotest

watch this, for hope and peace did also prevail around the country in cities from Flint MI to Santa Cruz, CA where police and protesters united to #takeaknee & #walkwithus

In Camden, New Jersey, police walked along with hundreds of protesters #GeorgeFloydprotests

@Anonymous also outed the Minneapolis police and others including Trump in a video and online on Twitter

"I say to all Americans not to give up, not to get lost in the seas of despair, but to keep the faith, and it's going to work out" says Rep. Lewis. "We must help it in working out by doing good and being true to the calls of love, peace, and nonviolence." ~~Rep John Lewis

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." When Obama said it, it inspired & felt like justice was visible in the distance. These last days, these last years, it has been harder to imagine. But that can change. Justice & equality can be real again.

There was also peaceful protests against the murder of George Floyd and police brutality around the world in France, in Berlin Germany and other countries