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END OF COVID: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Singapore And More End Covid Terrorism, Normalize Life With Covid, Refuse To Demonize The Non Injected: Kim Iverson Reports

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END OF COVID: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Singapore And More End Covid Terrorism, Normalize Life With Covid, Refuse To Demonize The Non Injected: Kim Iverson Reports
Today, Sept 29, is the day all restrictions are lifted in Sweden. My Swedish soul lifts a glass and smiles with all my heart. I’ll be calling home for details and vicarious sparks of joy. I have been a person with and of two countries: America (my father) and Sweden (my mother…
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Dr. Steven Baker recently got Covid and BEAT it. He made a video including what supplements and everything you need to fight it off and he connected with the local doctor here! If you are local in the Boise area or you're in Idaho (just can't see anybody outside of Idaho) then you can reach out to Dr. Dan and you can  work with him to get your hydro chloroquine and ivermectin.

He also posted a link to a video COVID UnMasked here:

YouTube and Google are on a real rampage deleting videos and content from Doctors including Dr. Mercola.

How do you respond to “job or jab” mentality?

Grammy award winner Victory Boyd was honored with an invitation to sing the National Anthem at the 2021 NFL season-opening game in Tampa, Florida. Because of her medical decisions, her performance was cancelled.

In this moving interview with Leah Wilson, co-founder and Executive Director of Stand for Health Freedom, Victory tells her story. She speaks from the heart about what it means to stand with conviction in your faith and in your choices for your body.

She even gives a preview of a new song called Freedom, inspired by her experience. Click below to watch this unique interview with a powerful artist.


COVID CON '21 - Prevention & Early Treatment Success (Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Henry Ealy)

Video on Odysee

These doctors are HEROES, brave and courageous for continuing to speak out and save people’s lives.

Dr. M said: 30 million Americans have now recovered from COVID-19 (as of September 2021). Age is the biggest risk factor, 50+ years and above, plus diabetes, heart and lung disease, obesity.


Can start off with Mild Symptoms, Sudden Acute Respiratory (SARS-COV2) so important to seek early treatment and if severe symptoms, life saving treatments are available, too despite all of the propaganda and mandatory jab PR. Natural immunity is alive and well and doing fine.

Dr. Gold said: As of February 2020, she was preparing for an onslaught of patients. She found out that people in China were being successfully treated with chloroquine, precursor to Hydroxy… She urges other doctors to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN, turn off the News and do what you did in Medical School. Doctors have no excuse for listening to the Media and Politicians. Open up the literature, scientific journals and Read themselves. Anyone can.

Some of the best journalists on this subject have done so. All of these journals are free, they are open to the world and you can see for yourself the early treatment work. I don’t blame the average person for not doing that although I advise them to because we’re not being told the truth. But I certain urge doctors not to let other people think for you. Whether that is the CDC, FDA or NIH or any others.

Doctors, practice medicine the way you have always practiced medicine. Do the research. Think for yourself. Doctors learn this way. We go to School for a long time. We read journals. When we go out to practice on our own, we acquire our own bedside experience, we watch other doctors we know are really smart, and we talk to other doctors. That’s how we learn and grow as doctors.

Why are you listening to other sources that are not truly scientific? Dr. McCullough alluded to the fact that there are now hundreds and hundreds of studies now that prove early treatment works. It’s been politicized. There’s Ivermectin and other treatments. Drugs that are being used all around the world because they are save, proven and effective.

It is a western nation problem, in America and wealthy European countries. They are restricting access to these cheap, effective drugs. How I know when doctors have drunk the Kool-aid is when they are not talking about whether something works or not which is now not even up for debate, is when they start talking about safety. As in oh that drug is not safe.

Hydroxy has been FDA approved for 65 years. It has been used billions of times across the planet. It is one of the safest drugs on the planet. Ivermectin won a Nobel Prize in medicine for being a wonderful drug.


DOCTORS, when you are reading on social media that these drugs are not safe, I urge you to read the literature and the science for yourself. You will discover that we have a wealth of options open to us.

It is shameful that our government still to this day says that there is no early treatment except for being in a hospital on oxygen. That is ridiculous. It is not true and not up for debate. We have hundreds and hundreds of studies and thousands of doctors who have stood up and said of course this works (early treatment).

Early treatment works. If your doctor is not giving it to you, find a telemedicine solution, a doctor who will.

From Jonathon Otto:

I did an interview with Dr. Henry Ealy and he shared with me some mind-blowing new protocols for helping people recover from C19 V injury. 

He shared a remarkable story of a student of his who had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and previously had C0V1D19. She like many others felt coerced  to get the jab to keep her job and felt she had no choice.

It was hard for her to ask for help as she was an emotional wreck, and didn’t want to be judged for her choices. 

Due to the fact this woman had already previously had C0V1D19 her strong reaction could be linked to what is called antibody dependent enhancement.

Her symptoms were severe. Her whole body hurt all the time. She had joint pain all the time. She felt her heart fluttering, which gave her concerns about myocarditis. She had a constant headache, and had constant trouble with her emotional state and mental health.

Long story short, within days she had a dramatic turn around, and within a few weeks of the protocol we discuss in this video, is back to normal, as what she describes as 98% to 99% recovery thus far. Isn't that amazing?

We give you all the specific details for you to download, copy and paste so you can have this information handy in case you or someone you loves needs this information. 

disclaimer & compliance

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Priming Your Immune System and Post Inoculation

Woman had Hashimoto’s, had had COVID, got the jab, felt coerced to do so, ADE possibly, whole body hurt, joint pain all the time, heart flutter-myocarditis, headache, emotionally upset…

Dr Ealy told her to talk to her doctor… she did.

the key nutrients for immune priming and their mechanism of action.

  • Vitamin D – Coordinates Immune Response, Stimulates Antimicrobial Peptides, Cytokines and Immune Cell Proliferation.

  • Vitamin E – Antioxidant. Protects Healthy Cells. Enhances B And T Cell Response.

  • Vitamin C – Antioxidant. Protects Healthy Cells Including Activated Immune Cells. Antiviral. Increases Systemic Interferon Response And Serum Antibody Levels.

  • Vitamin A – Coordinates Cellular Immune Response, Promotes Immune Cell Proliferation, Enhances Mucosal Integrity.

  • Zinc – Essential For Binding Capacity And Optimizing Lethality Of Immune Cells. Promotes Antiviral Enzyme Blocking Viral Replication.

  • Quercetin – Zinc Ionophore, Essential For Helping Zinc Get Into Cells. Enhances Nerve Conduction & Perception. Green Tea Also Has Zinc Ionophore Capability.

  • Bifidobacterium – Probiotic, Essential For Healthy Microbiome & Management Of Pro-Inflammatory Response Post-Infection. Calms Anxiety.

  • Additional Consideration – Multivitamin With Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) 100mg Or Higher Per Serving To Drive ATP Energy Production. ATP Energy Production Maximizes The Cellular Effectiveness Of The Aforementioned Nutrients And Overall Immunological Response.

  • Energy Production Leads To Enzyme Production. Enzyme Production Leads To Optimized Immunological Response.


72-Hour Water Fasting Induces Cellular Autophagy (aka Self-Healing). Autophagy May Be The Most Important Post-Inoculation Strategy To Utilize In Order To Minimize The Risk Of Adverse Events (Injury) & Long-Term Complications, Post-Inoculation. Dedicated Studies Are Needed Before Any Definitive Claims Can Be Made.

more info at the website

Post-Inoculation Injury

72-Hour Water Fasting Induces Cellular Autophagy (aka Self-Healing). Autophagy May Be The Most Important Post-Inoculation Strategy To Assist Recovery From Post-Inoculation Injury & Prevent Long-Term Complications Post-Inoculation. Dedicated Studies Are Needed Before Any Definitive Claims Can Be Made.

  • Based upon the UCSD-Salk Institute Study, healthcare providers should consider including the following nutrients to assist in accelerated recovery.

  • L-Arginine – Precursor to Nitric Oxide, which dilates blood vessels and promotes oxygen delivery to prevent hypoxia.

  • Liposomal Glutathione (or N-Acetyl Cysteine) – Respiratory enhancement, thins mucus accumulation promoting expectoration.

  • Serrapeptase – Enzyme capable of breaking down circulating spike proteins proven to be injurious to cardiovascular system.

  • Healthcare providers treating confirmed and symptomatic COVID patients may consider utilizing Clinical Testing and Immune Priming nutritional information plus Additional Nutrients listed below in conjunction with the FLCCC MATH+ Hospital Treatment Protocol. Please note the disclaimer above as well.

more info on the website.

Other Information here:

  • Vitamins A, C, D (partly from sunshine), Selenium, Niacin B3, Iodine, and Zinc boost the immune system.

  • Dr Mercola reveals why Selenium and Niacin make Zinc more bioavailable.

  • Preventatively, Green Tea (quercitin and EGCG) helps Zinc get through cell walls to fight renegade viruses. Mechanism looks similar to HydroxyChloraQuin.

  • In early Feb 2020 Dr Michael Savage pointed to a 2014 study confirming Green Tea as a natural booster, because quercitin is a potent antiviral in its own right.

  • Quercitin is also in apple peel, and may aid brain health neurogenesis (rebuilding).

  • Video on why Vitamin D and other nutrients are critical to your immune system (starting minute 30). Another meta analysis. There are many more in their notes.

  • The worst enemy of Vitamin D in your blood is High Fructose Corn Syrup per same doctor/professor in meta analysis above.

  • Dr Simone Gold, ER physician, America’s Frontline Doctors. Their video summarizes treatment issues and what you must know to stay healthy and free. (much more)

  • Dolores Cahill, Immunologists, Molecular Genetics, Biotechnology at World Doctors Alliance joins in warning COVID has effective treatments. Stands against fake plandemic.

  • Women of childbearing age should NEVER take an experimental substance. ZERO testing was done, not even on pregnant rats.

  • Dr Michael Yeardon, former head of a Pfizer research team, warns that mRNA targets a spike protein very similar to placenta.

  • Testimony of couple with extreme reaction to mRNA

  • Dr. Richard Bartlett says this $200 inhaled steroid, Budesonide, stops symptoms & deaths 100% when given EARLY.

  • NAC dietary supplement was ordered off shelves one month after a report touting effectiveness against COVID phlegm.

People in Egypt Bangladesh, Argentina, India, Peru, Brazil, and Paraguay have been successfully and safely using generic Ivermectin in 3.7 Billion doses, for many years, against parasites, dengue, Zika, HIV, yellow fever.

Researchers now study its anti-cancer uses.

In Bangladesh there were NO INFECTIONS recorded among the 788 health care workers who took weekly Ivermectin prevention, whereas 58% of the 407 controls became ill. Studies of severely ill patients are equally remarkable.

  • Boost immune system with higher doses than normal of Vitamin A, C, D, Zinc, green tea, turmeric.

  • Eat or drink Oregano leaves, or oil, or Oregacyn to kill  possible virus in the stomach.

  • Immediately use my prescription for HCQ (purchased as “malaria prevention” for a pending trip to Honduras), plus give to my wife & kids. This absolved my doctor from tyrannical wrath of FDA. We filled prescription at a LOCAL compounding pharmacy, NOT a chain.

  • Search: “hydroxychloraquin online prescription” here, or Telehealth visits, or on a non-Google search engine.

  • Eliminate all sugars, fructose, corn syrup.

  • Research whether I should reduce my intake of 1 tsp turmeric, and when to resume or increase it to manage inflammation.

  • Take supplement N-AcetylCysteine (NAC) for phlegm prevention

  • Demand a prescription for Budesonide if lungs still start to get congested.

  • Welcome the fever (up to 104 degrees). It helps your body heal.

  • If hospitalized, ask doctor to take this Masterclass on SARS COV2 to be sure I get valid advice.

Early Polio vaccine CAUSED 40,000 infections. W.H.O. admits half the worldwide polio cases today are vaccine-induced.

Childhood vaccine exemptions vary by state. See chart.