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I write the words the whole world brings… (not just America) 

 We are in a crisis.

A new world is being born and the labor pains are happening (chaos, divide and conquer strategies, misleading information from our leaders, Big Tech and the Media).

When your house is on fire, and IT IS BURNING down to the ground, do you want your neighbors to TELL YOU or to pretend it ain’t happening?

Every day every inconvenient truth gets labeled as “fake news” or a “conspiracy theory…”

C0VlD v@cc!nes are dangerous? Fake news AND a conspiracy theory. Everyone knows that untested gene therapy is perfectly safe!

Deaths and serious adverse effects are just a coincidence.

People are calling one another names and not listening to one another. 

Credible doctors, scientists, writers and researchers are being censored, banned, harassed, deplatformed and called tinfoil-hat-wearing-conspiracy-theorists, anti-vaxxxers, anti-maskers and more.

Do we want to LIVE in a NEW world filled with HEALTH, clean water, air, food, income equality, diversity, A Grand Awakening with Peace and Freedom For ALL as guaranteed in our Bill of Rights and Constitution or are we just gonna go along with the technocracy’s Great Reset?

Our world is at a turning point. We CAN change everything. What we need is to stop blaming one another, (Look in the Mirror), END CENSORSHIP and to hold our media and leaders feet to the fire. In other words, demand accountability, integrity, truth and justice.

The old world isn’t coming back, the New Normal ain’t Normal and if we’re going to build a better world that works for everyone, WE are the ones who are going to have to face some harsh truths, have compassion for one another, forgive ourselves and others, and Create a New Reality together.

This newsletter is about Transformation 

Here at Laughter and Tears, I’m focused most closely on our health, happiness, and freedom: being transparent about the challenges we’re facing and being honest about what we need to do to radically transform ourselves and society.

I chose the name Laughter and Tears because we human beings have many emotions that we are dealing with or denying and we’ are still in the process of creating a new world from the ashes of our burning houses. 

Denial Ain’t Just a River in Egypt, it is rampant in the USA. And we are not a United country. We are the Divided States of America. And not listening to one another due to political figures and others with vested interests in keeping us divided and distracted. Democrats are people and so are Republicans and so are Independents and so are people who are fed up with voting because they’ve given up on our country. 

Who wants to vote for the lesser of TWO EVILS? 

This is the place where I'll share with you stories from frontline doctors, scientists, lawyers and voices from the most affected people enduring censorship.

This is the place where we’ll create space for each other to process the shared trauma and grief and joy and elation that comes along with doing this world-building work.

This is the place where we’ll help teach each other about what’s happening in this transformative moment, and how we can each be a part of it.


At  Laughter and Tears, I’ll be writing a mix of short-form and long-form journalism – essays, interviews, analysis, science reporting, and storytelling – almost every day of the week. Sundays, are a day of rest, a reprieve from serious topics. Occasionally, there will be jokes, travel journeys, pet stories product reviews and songs. (If you have a story you’re working on or want to see here, (pitch me!)

Because I want to know the Whole Spectrum of Truth and share with my readers not just the War of the Worlds.

Healthy Days Ahead !

Censorship Should NEVER Be Allowed in a Democracy

California Media

Florida, Nevada, Oregon, Washington Media

The Difficult We Do Immediately. The Impossible Takes a Little Longe

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